Philips 46PFL9705K-02 - 46 Zoll - LED-LCD 3D-Fernseher
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  • Philips 46PFL9705K-02 - 46 Zoll - LED-LCD 3D-Fernseher Philips 46PFL9705K-02 - 46 Zoll - LED-LCD 3D-Fernseher_Philips
    Philips 46PFL9705K-02 - 46 Zoll - LED-LCD 3D-Fernseher_2 Philips 46PFL9705K-02 - 46 Zoll - LED-LCD 3D-Fernseher_3 Philips 46PFL9705K-02 - 46 Zoll - LED-LCD 3D-Fernseher_2

    Philips 9000 Serie 3D Smart LED-Fernseher Serien:

    Die 32, 37, 46 und 52 Zoll Modelle der Smart LED-TVs der 9000-Serie verfügen anders als die 8000er Modelle über das verbesserte "Ambilight Spectra XL", der Vorteil der XL-Version ist die doppelte Reihe von LEDs diese sorgen für eine noch bessere szenenabhängige Rundum-Vollfrab-Beleuchtung. Ansonsten ist die Ausstattung beider Serien gleich. Bei der 9000er Serie stattete Philips die Modelle mit einer Bewegungsschärfe von bis 1.200 Hz PMR (je nach Modell und Bildschirmgröße) und einem 40 Watt starkem Soundsystem aus.

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    Modell 46PFL9705K/02
    Hersteller Philips
    Display 46 Zoll / 117 cm
    Typ LED-LCD
    Auflösung 1920 x 1080p
    Bildwiederholrate 400Hz
    Kontrast 10.000.000:1 dynamisches Kontrastverhältnis
    Audio Automatische Lautstärkeeinstellung, Dynamic Bass Enhancement, Incredible Surround, Höhen- und Bassregelung, Klarer Klang, RMS 20 W (2 x 15 W)
    Tuner DVB-T, DVB-T MPEG4, DVB-C MPEG4, DVB-S2 und MPEG4 HD, MHEG, DVB-S, HD+ kompatibel
    Abmessung B x H x T ohne Fuß: 1088 x 671 x 69 mm
    B x H x T mit Fuß:707 x 260 mm
    Gewicht ohne Fuß: 23 kg
    mit Fuß: 25 kg
    Anschlüsse Ext 1 Scart / Ext 2 Scart Audio links/rechts, FBAS-Eingang, RGB, Ext 3 YPbPr, Linker/rechter Audio-Eingang, VGA-Eingang PC-Eingang, D-sub 15, 1 HDMI 1.4, 3 HDMI 1.3, 2x USB, Common Interface-Steckplatz (CI-CI+), SD-Karte (Videostore)
    System-Start, EasyLink, PIXEL PLUS-Link, Remote-Kontrollübertragung, System-Audiosteuerung, System Standby-Modus, Ethernet, Kopfhörer-Ausgang, SP-DIF-Ausgang (koaxial), integriertes WiFi 802.11b/g/n-spec, Ethernet-LAN RJ-45, PC-Netzwerkverbindung DLNA 1.5-zertifiziert

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    • Philips 46PFL9705K-02 - 46 Zoll - LED-LCD 3D-Fernseher - Bewertungen:

    • , 28.07.2014


      We actually piekcd this up at Sam's Club very cheap and have bee, 28.07.2014

      We actually piekcd this up at Sam's Club very cheap and have been impressed with the quality. We have an older TV and can only go to 1080i resolution but it seems excellent, I can't imagine the picture being anything but perfect on a new TV with the HDMI cable included. If you aren't concerned about the streaming features, having a wireless connection, or internal memory for BD Live features, you will probably enjoy this as much as we do if you can find it at the price we did (<$100). I don't have anything to compare load time to, but I can't imagine needing it to load any faster. We have absolutely no bugs and are on firmware version 1.000 still. [url=]skejmul[/url] [link=]yygcnxkms[/link]


      , 26.07.2014


      I purchased this BluRay pyealr this morning at a local retail st, 26.07.2014

      I purchased this BluRay pyealr this morning at a local retail store. The price was reasonable and it had the Phillips name. At first I thought it may have been a Funai with Phillips branding, but after a little net research I have found it is an authentic Phillips manufactured BluRay pyealr. The pyealr itself is smaller than the cheaper boxes by about 25%, which is nice as it fits snugly on my dresser with my flat screen HDTV. Out of box setup was a piece of cake, startup and BluRay setup was simple. Speaking of startup, it's quite sprightly, taking about 5 seconds to go from power on to BluRay ready mode. In other words, I can hit the power, take a BluRay disc from the case (in this instance it's Wall-E ), and it's ready to go right in the tray. After that it's 2, maybe 3 seconds and we're off! I was impressed by it's response time right off the bat. Now, as to the quality. Wow. BluRay really opens up the world of high definition and takes it to a totally different level. Before this pyealr I had a DVD upconverter, and it looked fairly good on my HDTV. It of course plays at 1080p, but is perfect for any HDTV whether it be 720 or 1080. So back to the movie I used as an example: Wall-E on BluRay and in this pyealr, was enough to take my breath away. Gorgeous colors, clear, crisp image and sharp, precision audio. To say I was impressed is an understatement.Everything just flowed together beautifully. I removed Wall-E from the pyealr and grabbed my Finding Nemo DVD. I wanted to see what it could do for regular DVDs. I put the disc in the drive and waited a few moments, and when the menu popped up, I was surprised. The quality was excellent. Obviously not BluRay quality, but far superior to my old DVD upconverter. Richer colors, great looking picture. So, to sum it up: * Smaller design than cheaper models * Easy Setup * Quick Startup and Load times * Incredible picture quality * Plays DVDs with far superior quality to DVD Upconverter I give it 5 out of 5 stars, with a wholehearted recommendation. This Phillips BluRay pyealr gives you the most bang for your buck. ~J.W.


      , 25.07.2014


      This Blu-ray player pticure is great colors are vivid and you ca, 25.07.2014

      This Blu-ray player pticure is great colors are vivid and you can really tell the difference between Blu-ray and regular DVD's. This player upconvert other DVD's to almost blu-ray quality. The one draw back is that the start up time is slow it takes about 3 or 4 mins of loading before the menu screen is shown. Other than that the price is great, this is my first blu-ray so I'm not sure if this is normal for a blu-ray player. [url=]wkcomznnk[/url] [link=]kkwbeifaxy[/link]


      , 22.07.2014


      Very nice and affordable blu ray pleayr. Easy to setup from the, 22.07.2014

      Very nice and affordable blu ray pleayr. Easy to setup from the quick start documentation. More complete details regarding features, remote control, internet connections, Secure Digital (SD) port, and firmware updates are detailed in an English instruction manual. Separate quick start and instruction manuals are included for French and Spanish. Also in the box are batteries for the remote control and a warranty registration card. Note: The best way to connect to your flat screen hdtv is with a high quality, high bandwidth hdmi cable, rated for 1.3 and category 2. Don't be conned by the $100 to $200 cables for sale at the electronics stores. The hdmi cables Amazon offers for under $10 from makers like Mediabridge and others exhibit wonderful quality and performance, and are identically rated to the more expensive store cables. Overall impression: Excellent. Performance is all you would expect from any blu ray pleayr. Beautiful picture with magnificent color saturation and detail. Audio, channeled through the speakers of the hdtv and my seperate amplifier is as good as it gets. Standard DVDs are upconverted, and while audio and video can't approach blu ray quality, it's better than your old DVD pleayr. Remember that the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) rule applies if your disk content is junk to begin with or is damaged from bad handling and/or storage, no pleayr can make the output wonderful. Basic setup is quite efficient and easy from the Quick setup card. It took 10 minutes to set up, connect and begin testing this pleayr with Blu ray and standard DVDs. The remote control arrangement of buttons for features is decent, and most will find it at least marginally better than remotes from prior generations of pleayrs. Features: The unit is low profile and pleasing to the eye. The front of the pleayr has basic manual controls for on/off, stop/playback/fast forward/reverse, and disk access. A small window exhibits the current procedure the pleayr is performing. The SD/MMC slot is easily accessible from the front of the pleayr, so audio/video content from still and video cameras can be quickly viewed. If your video camera doesn't support SD, you can also edit sound and video on a computer that does support SD and transfer the output to SD. This extra burden is inconvenient to some, but remember, this is primarily a blu ray pleayr. The rear of the unit houses both cutting edge and legacy connectors. Input to the pleayr from the internet permits updating firmware for future compatibility and blu ray live downloads if that interests you. Outputs include HDMI to your flat screen HDTV, fiber optic coaxial audio output to your digital amplifier if you have one, and the usual legacy RCA connectors for composite tv and audio, and analog audio output if you have an analog amplifier. This is nice if economics doesn't permit upgrading all your components to digital at the same time. You can gradually upgrade as individual circumstance permits. It's amazing to see so much value in this Phillips pleayr. Its size, features and options rival and outperform machines in the $500 to $1000 range from previous generations of Blu Ray pleayrs. After a week of enthusiastic use, it is a rock solid performer and no DVD, neither Blu Ray nor standard, exhibits any problems. Highly recommended!


      , 11.07.2014


      If you search PS3 Bluray you sholud get all the different versio, 11.07.2014

      If you search PS3 Bluray you sholud get all the different versions. If you search Bluray drive you sholud get the whole box as a simple (but more expensive drop in replacement). Bluray laser is just the laser part and what I have here is a Bluray deck. Searching Bluray deck sholud bring up what I'm having here.


      Alf, 15.01.2011

      vor 6 Wochen habe ich mir den 46PFL9705K/02 an die Wand geschraubt; einschliesslich einer Wandhalterung, die ein Vorziehen und Schwenken um 160° erlaubt. Das Ding ist wirklich gigantisch. Beschreiben kann man das nicht, man muss es einfach gesehen und erlebt haben. Dazu der BDP 9600; frisst sämtliche in der Schweiz erhältlichen Formate und liefert Bilder in Top-Qualität.
      Leider habe ich noch keinen Top-blueray-3D-Film für shutterbrille gefunden, sodass ich das Vergnügen 3D noch nicht hatte.
      Möglicherweise kann mir einer, der diesen Kommentar liest, sagen, wo ich einen solchen Film in der Schweiz kaufen kann (möglichst ab 6 Jahre).


      jonathonheart, 17.09.2010

      Den hab ich seit gestern und er macht einfach nur spaß!


      kirk, 15.08.2010

      den gibt es noch nicht.


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